Principal Appreciation Month at Benton Harbor Charter School Academy

October is Principal Appreciation Month and at Benton Harbor Charter School Academy we couldn’t be more excited to highlight our hardworking and dedicated administration for all that they do. We take pride in providing both a unique and wholesome education, and that starts with our leadership. We want to take this opportunity to celebrate our leadership and explain what makes them such an important piece of our community.

First up this month is our principal, Ashley Smith. Ashley has experienced great success in her education career and has served as a teacher in some of the highest performing charter schools and it all started with her first teaching job at Benton Harbor Charter. Among her travels and using her diverse educational experience, Ashley earned her master’s at Columbia University and has woven her expertise and wisdom into the core of BHCSA’s new instructional program. 

The next administrator we’re highlighting is our assistant principal, Kendra Zichterman. She has been with Benton Harbor Charter School Academy for a handful of years and has served in many different roles. Most recently she was an Instructional Coach. She has a proven track record in the classroom where students’ learning was accelerated, and the student-teacher relationship strengthened.

The last administrator we want to showcase this month is our dean of students, Lourdes Sanasie. She has been with BHCSA for well over a year now and we are so thankful for everything she has done thus far! She received her Bachelor of Arts from University of the Virgin Islands and furthered her education at Purdue where she recieved her Master of Science. She has a wealth of knowledge in education and consulting.

Our leaders will always be a fundamental part of our school community, and we can’t thank them enough for their compassion, dedication and hard work. They serve as the backbone of our school, the ones inspiring change, and the mentors who shape our youth’s future. While this month may mark the official celebration, every day is an opportunity to recognize and support these outstanding individuals. To see more on what’s happening at our school, visit our blog and stay up to date with us on social media.