Benton Harbor Charter School Academy

Why Choose Benton Harbor Charter School Academy

Principal Tim Harris working with a student at a computer


At Benton Harbor Charter Academy, students, staff and parents are committed to a safe environment. When students can trust and feel safe in their environment, they will flourish. As you enter the doors, you can feel the passion and caring community exude from the staff.

Benton Harbor Charter School Academy is more than just an academy. It is family. We have the belief that the most significant learning occurs where trust and love for one another are the foundation. We expect our teachers to put their best effort forward and focus on preparing students for high school. The staff teaches students to have the mindset to believe that they belong in the most rigorous studies and are destined for success.


At Benton Harbor Charter School Academy we are proud and honored to partner with many different people and organizations within our community.

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Children attending charter schools benefit from small class sizes, high academic standards, and innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Charter schools are organized by a founding group that is passionate about the basic tenets of the curriculum. Enthusiasm for the school is contagious. Board members, staff members, parents, students, and community members are attracted to the charter school because their interests coincide with the charter school’s educational program and special themes.

Charter schools have to be responsive to parents’ concerns because they operate in a free market. Parents literally make the choice to send their children to the magnet or theme school. Parents also typically transport their children to school, which means that parents have a stronger connection and more active communications with the faculty and staff.

The following are just a few of the benefits your child will receive from attending BHCSA:

  • Free breakfast and lunch for all students
  • Free busing for those who live within a 5-mile radius of the school
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Highly qualified teachers and staff
  • Discipline policy in place
  • Computers in each classroom
  • 5th-8th grades have personal laptops and computer available for use
  • Smart Boards in every class
  • Kindles available for use for grades 4-8


Benton Harbor Charter School Academy uses the EngageNY curriculum. Professional Learning Community teams (which are grade level teams) meet once a week to discuss curriculum, instruction, and assessments. Staff develop an assessment schedule, to monitor the progress of student achievement, a minimum of three times a year. Classes focus on mastery of Common Core State Standards.

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We are indeed a passionate and caring community with the common goals of having high academic standards, providing a safe community and building character to prepare kids for active, thoughtful and caring participation in the world around them.


Tim Harris