Character Choices

Students at BHCSA participate in the Character Choices Program designed to help students develop their personal character, become lifelong learners and transform into quality citizens within their communities.

Character Choices focuses on nine monthly traits, which are woven into the curriculum throughout the entire year. The Character Choices curriculum is aligned to Common Core Standards, making it a regular part of the school day and a part of the dialogue of the students’ day. Each trait is assigned a focus month to allow the students more time to delve into the true meaning of the trait.

What makes the Character Choices program so unique?

  • Covers nine different traits throughout the school year
  • Helps develop social and academic behaviors
  • Includes academic lessons that correspond with the traits
  • Monthly assemblies and recognition
  • Includes etiquette lessons to prepare kids for social settings now and in the future
  • Includes community service activities each month
  • Promotes parent and community involvement
  • Is adaptable for students of all ages
  • Lessons are aligned to Common Core Standards
  • Character Choices Expression writing contest allows students to apply what they’ve learned  for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship
  • Includes trainings on becoming tech-smart kids on social media
  • Extension activities are included for families to get involved in their child’s learning
  • And MUCH MORE!

What are the monthly traits?

Young students smile as they line up at the starting line on the school track and field.


Young student helps recycle dead leaves into paper bags with their gloves on/

OCTOBER – Responsibility

Young West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science students observes change in their science project.

NOVEMBER – Cooperation

One young student helps another young student tie their shoe in the classroom.

DECEMBER – Compassion

Young student smiles and shakes hands with faculty member as she receives her school lunch.

JANUARY – Good Judgment

One young student pushes another young student in a toy car through the snow.

FEBRUARY – Integrity

Picture of a young student in a wheelchair raising their arms in triumph in front of a setting sun.

MARCH – Perseverance

Two young students posing for a picture with a recycling bin in front of a field of grass.

APRIL – Citizenship

Young student smiles as his mother pushes him on his bike with his helmet.

MAY – Courage