Preschool at Benton Harbor Charter School Academy

Strong Beginnings Preschool Program

Benton Harbor Charter's 3-Year Old Tuition-Free Preschool

Please visit the school or reach out to the Program Lead, Grace Polomcak at or (269) 362-2810 with any questions.

To be eligible for the program, children must have turned 3 on or before September 1, 2024. Spots are limited!
All children enrolled in this program will have an automatic spot in our 4-year-old GSRP Pre-K program next year.

Please print out the form below, fill out and return to our main office.

Program Offers:

  • Full-Day (Monday-Thursday)
  • We will be offering in-person classes
  • Bussing
  • Additional information about the program coming soon!

When turning in an application you will need to provide the following:

1. Copy of an official birth certificate
2. Income verification (Check stub, W2 or any assistance paperwork)
3. Up-to-Date Shot Record
4. Health Appraisal (Well-child check-up current within the last year)

Great Start Readiness Preschool Program

Benton Harbor Charter's 4-Year Old Tuition-Free Preschool

GSRP helps children get ready for school, increases attendance and reduces the number of children who repeat a grade by almost one-half. The programs provide strong family involvement/parent education components as well as preschool education. To be eligible a child must have two of the 8 identified risk factors and more than 50 percent of the children must be low income.

Here at Benton Harbor Charter School Academy, our mission is to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to achieve education and personal success as lifelong learners and responsible citizens. In order to promote early literacy with children in the GSRP program, special emphasis is given to the areas of language, literacy, and social skills.

Please print out the forms and fill out and return to our main office.

Please visit the school or reach out to Monique Cadet, our Great Start Readiness Program director at or (269) 362-2810 with any questions.

What classrooms provide:

  • Activities that target letter recognition.
  • Activities that emphasize letter sounds.
  • Activities that show how to use books.
  • Activities that emphasize words and their meanings; as well as increase vocabulary.
  • Provide a positive first school experience.
  • Make transitioning into kindergarten easier.

What children learn:

  • To identify letters of the alphabet, shapes, numbers, and name recognition.
  • To identify that letters and sounds make up words.
  • To build large and small muscles.
  • To build social skills that will allow students to learn and develop friendships and work in group situations in a friendly and safe environment.

The Creative Curriculum approach is about teaching children to:

  • Learn to plan many of their own activities, follow through with chores and instructions, and then discuss with other children and their teacher about what they have worked on in class.
  • Become independent, responsible, confident, and ready for success in school.
  • Gain knowledge and skills in important content areas such as language and literacy, mathematics, social relations, art, and large and small muscle development.