Five Ways to Keep Students Thinking this Summer

Five Ways to Keep Students Thinking this Summer graphic

June marks the end of another amazing year at Battle Creek Montessori Academy. To the students and families who have completed their journey with us, we cannot be more proud of their accomplishments, and wish them the absolute best moving forward. We are also very thankful for both the hard work and support from every member of our community.


So, what’s next? How do we keep our students engaged over summer break? As we prepare for the upcoming summer break here at Battle Creek Montessori Academy, we’d like to offer a few ways to keep your children engaged, thinking, and thriving outside of school. Our goal is to treat this less as a break from school and instead a time to prepare for the year ahead! Keeping students on track is easier said than done, but with a few of the methods listed below, your students will be learning and having plenty of fun!


1.) Get your kids reading this summer!
Take your learner to a public library or bookstore, and reward them for their reading with time to do their favorite thing!


2.) Review last year’s school work
If your child held on to any old work from last year’s classes, a perfect way to keep them engaged with their school work is to make them go over it again to refresh on previous information to help build on the material!


3.) Take advantage of every “Back to school” deal
With a bag full of gear, and a closet full of new clothes, your student is bound to get to the first day of school ready for anything.


4.)Track your child’s sleep schedule
It can take a while to catch up, but to truly prepare for the upcoming school year, getting up on time is very important.


5.) Be sure to have fun!
At the end of the day, Summer break is a time for relaxation and socializing.


An important piece of a successful school year is time away to reflect on our achievements, and with as many achievements as we’ve had, it would be a shame not to celebrate. To our families and friends, enjoy your summer and stay in touch with us via social media, email, or our website. We will continue to post any great happenings in our community this summer, and we hope that with a few of the tips mentioned above, this summer is as calming and productive as our school.