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Benton Harbor Charter School Academy Board of Directors stands firm for safe, secure schools, and makes the tough decisions to ensure that every child receives a first-class education free of disruption, threat, and fear. The Board is focused on student achievement, parent satisfaction, and a safe, secure location for learning.

BHCSA operates under the public school academy governance structure in which the Academy is authorized (received its charter) from Ferris State University (FSU). FSU appoints BHCS Academy Board of Directors. Members are required to be bona fide citizens of Michigan, undergo a criminal records check, and comply with conflict of interest guidelines established by law and FSU.

To contact a BHCS Academy Board Member, please contact the Board’s Corresponding Agent, Laura Moellering at (616) 785-8440.

Click Here to Download Our 2019-2020 BHCSA Board Meeting Schedule

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Current School Board Members are the following:

Jean Nesbitt, President
Having a passion for children and Benton Harbor, Jean Nesbitt wanted to start a school that would benefit the many children in the Benton Harbor and surrounding areas. With that, she set out with her dream of creating Benton Harbor Charter School Academy. Ms. Nesbitt is the Board President at BHCSA. As a retired worker in the community, Jean is able to spend more time polishing her passion for Benton Harbor Charter School Academy. Ms. Nesbitt has remained on the board since the opening of BHCSA’s doors because she enjoys working with other concerned citizens to provide opportunities to school-age children acquiring a Class-A education.

Glenda Bell, Vice President
Ms. Bell was born and raised in Benton Harbor, Michigan. She raised her children in the Benton Harbor community and loves being able to see her grandchildren every day. Glenda is active in her church and community and has been involved with teaching children in her church. Glenda believes that all children should be given an equal opportunity to have the best education. When first starting BHCSA with Board President, Jean Nesbitt, Ms. Bell was both excited and fearful. There were many difficulties, but as a board, they never gave up. “I will persist until I succeed” is the story of Ms. Bell’s life, and she believes it is also the story of the Benton Harbor community. It’s the story of BHCSA, and it’s the legacy she hopes all pass onto their children.

Willie Mitchell, Treasurer
Mr. Mitchell attended Bethune-Cookman College and served 8 years in the United States Air Force. Currently, Willie is a medical case manager for a nonprofit organization. He is currently serving on the Benton Harbor Charter School Academy board because he is personally committed to “actively serving” to create an environment conducive for producing a higher standard academic achievement for the students that attend BHCSA.

Betty Mason, Secretary
Betty Mason currently serves as the Board Secretary for Benton Harbor Charter School. Ms. Mason joined the BHCSA board with hopes of improving the school by implementing necessary changes and leading ideas to greater improve the school’s culture.

Robert Snyder, Member
Robert has worked in the Benton Harbor community for over 20 years. He attended Marshall University in Western Michigan and received two degrees; an MBA in finance and an MSW. Robert currently uses his MSW degree and works in the Social Work field. Robert is serving on the BHCSA board as a way to give back to the community, and the children of Benton Harbor and the surrounding areas.

Terri Mays, Member
Terri Mays attended Cornerstone University for an MBA. Mays has been married for 42 years to a retired State Policeman, has 3 children and 10 grandchildren. Mays is interested in being a member of the BHCSA board because a child’s education is of utmost importance, and enjoys assisting them with this endeavor is one of Terri’s top priorities.