Celebrating the First Day of School Around the World

The first day of school is upon us at Benton Harbor Charter School Academy, and we are thrilled to begin yet another year in our school community. We have our own traditions for the first day at BHCSA, but we wanted to take a look at other places in the world to see how they celebrate the start of a new school year.

In parts of Germany, the first day of first grade is marked with paper cones filled with candy and school supplies. In an interview with Deutsche Welle, Christiane Cantauw explained that the Schultüte, or “school cone,” goes back to the early 18th century in central Germany. The tradition itself begins with the start of elementary school in first grade, and it resembles the many changes for the child and the family as they begin their first of 12 years in school.

Black and white picture of a young German boy holding his schultute, or school cone on the first day of grade school.

In Japan, the first day of school is considered a step to a new stage of life. First-year students in Japan are given a stiff-sided backpack or randoseru, and are often given a desk at home to dedicate a space to their studies. It represents a traditional childhood in Japan, and has gone on for hundreds of years, with nearly every child owning their own randoseru.

A Picture of 6 different randoserus, or stiff-sided backpacks that are a custom in Japanese Educational traditions

In Kazakhstan, elementary-age children start their school career with Tyl Ashar, or “Initiation to Education” day. Families traditionally cook a feast of lamb and desserts to mark the first day, while children are asked to recite seven generations of their grandfathers from memory to honor their ancestors.

A traditional Kazakhstani feast before the first day of class for young students

We are so excited to start the school year off strong! To keep up to date with our first day happenings, follow us on our Facebook, keep an eye on our website and be sure to comment below on what you’re doing to get ready for another amazing first day of class.