What is Count Day?

You may hear someone say, “make sure your child is here for count day on Wednesday, October 2!” But what does that really mean? What makes count day more important than any other day?

The simple answer is that count day is mandated through the State School Aid Act. It was initiated in 1979 as a way to give fair and accurate funding to public schools.

Budgets are created and approved based on the number of students who are in attendance at the school on that day. Budget dollars translate into providing the best educational experience possible for your child. Having appropriate funding for our student body allows us to provide materials and more for our students. It is important that your child shows up every day and not just on Count Day.

This is why it’s so important for our students to be in attendance on count day. Of course, there are exceptions if a child is sick, but please make sure your child is at school if they do not have an excused absence.