Together We Can Stop Bullying!

My team and I are committed to making the school the primary community for our students. The Board of Directors adopted a No Bullying resolution, known as Zero Tolerance for Bullying, to ensure that all children are safe and secure at school as they go about their primary goal of learning. Bullying must stop and we have to be sure no student feels threatened or put down by another student. All of us have a responsibility as parents, caretakers, educators, and Board members.

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and we encourage you to join in and help us raise awareness and change the culture around bullying, which was historically considered a childhood rite of passage. We know that bullying can lead to school avoidance, decreased self-esteem, depression, and in some cases self-harm.

Bullying intervention and prevention is something in which everyone can play an important role. What role will you play? Don’t be a bystander.

Call the school today to see how you can help stomp out bullying. Also, help us overcome the Code of Silence to honor the self-worth of every student.


Tim Harris
School Leader