Forming Reading Habits at Benton Harbor Charter School Academy

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March is a very exciting time at Benton Harbor Charter School Academy, and as we approach both the beginning of Spring and National Reading Month, we want to showcase how that love for reading continues past the classroom. We believe that families play a big role in encouraging students to maintain good reading habits, and wanted to share how you can encourage your students to take books beyond our school doors.


Make reading a routine
Incorporate reading into your daily routine by setting aside time each day to read, such as before bed or during breakfast with your coffee. Engage with your student about what they are reading to encourage critical thinking and comprehension. Whether it be a novel, a comic book or a short story, allowing students the chance to re-think their reading as an important part of keeping them engaged.


Make it a family activity
Studies show that reading with your student creates a positive association with reading in the household. If you give a student a quiet space to enjoy reading with family, they are more likely to accept it as part of their daily routine. Staying involved in your student’s education and supporting their efforts are the most effective way to keep them reading beyond the classroom.


Find resources outside of school
There is no shortage of resources available to young readers, whether it be taking a trip to the library, perusing a local book store or searching through the endless catalog of audiobooks. Making reading as accessible as possible is a great way to ensure that students can explore their innate interests as they wish. Whether they enjoy rocks and minerals, fairy tales, animals or more, there are hundreds of books that will peak their curiosity.

As we approach the end of this school year, we hope that you’re as excited as we are at Benton Harbor Charter School Academy to see our students and families’ finish strong. National Reading Month is nearly over, but the tips above will ensure that students stay active well beyond March! To see more on what we’re doing at Benton Harbor Charter School Academy, be sure to follow us on our social media, and keep up-to-date on our blog.