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Pick-Up Procedures

>>Pick-Up Procedures

Starting on October 16, 2017, we will implement a new pick-up system on our campus to help keep our kids safer.

The new system will require the following:

  •       Anyone picking up your child must show their ID card (identification card) and must be on record as a person who can pick up your child from school. Please bring your ID and stop by the front office with the names of people who can pick up your child from school. We will not accept telephone permission.
  •       The pick-up person will not be allowed in the building or bus loading area during pick-up time. If the pick-up person is caught in the building, a report of trespassing will be filed with local law enforcement.
  •       If you or anyone you allow to pick up your child wants to visit classrooms for any reason – you must first fill out a volunteer form for a background check.
  •       Starting Oct 16, 2017, the River Terrace Apartments will no longer be on the bus route. Instead, we will provide a crossing guard at the rear of our building from 7:50 a.m. to 8:05 a.m. and for after-school crossing.