Our First Day at Battle Creek Montessori Academy

August 25th was opening day for us here at BCMA, and we would like to give a warm welcome to all of our parents, our students and our staff. We would like to thank everyone for such an easy arrival for our first day, and we’re ready to show our families the renovations made in the past few months. We committed to making these improvements to enhance our learning environment, and with those renovations completed our staff has been anxious to learn and grow with our students.

No matter how your child was educated last year, they are welcome to our Battle Creek Family. Regardless of where your child is in their educational journey, we promise to deliver a high-quality education that every student deserves and will work tirelessly to ignite each child’s love for life-long learning. We’re aware this year may have bumps along the way, but we still place emphasis on building character every day. We here at BCMA are confident that everyone can thrive here, so let’s have a strong school year full of enrichment and enlightenment.