ESSER Funding Feedback

Dear Benton Harbor Charter School Academy Stakeholders,

As a part of the America Rescue Plan, the federal government designated funds to public schools for addressing needs that were uncovered as a result of the pandemic, to mitigate the learning loss associated with remote learning, and to equalize long-term funding disparities between low- and high-income schools. Benton Harbor Charter School Academy has been allocated $2,044,075 for which it is presenting a plan to spend.

The proposed plan spends the money in the following ways:

  • 51% is dedicated to student learning and staffing—providing stipends for tutoring, attendance monitoring, and assessing, tracking and responding to student learning and behavior as well as incentivizing new teachers and retaining the current teachers; paying for student enrichment activities; providing coaching and professional development to teachers; and getting more social work and student supports on campus daily.
  • 22.5% is dedicated to improvements to the campus including new and replacement HVAC equipment as well as outdoor play, athletic, and learning areas and additional cleaning support.
  • 18% is allocated for maintaining technology through 2024, including replacement devices for students and software for student learning.

There are still some funds remaining to be allocated, but it is important to note that no money is spent yet. If you have a child at the Academy, you should have received a survey asking you to evaluate the needs of your child. But you may also provide feedback here. Please let us know what you think your child or the Academy can do to improve student learning or the environment of the school or provide feedback on this current plan.